Can I run GCD with CS6?

I love exploring the new features when Adobe announces a new version of Photoshop. Some of the updates are incredible.  Just take the content aware features of CS5… wow!

One of the new features of CS6 is how Photoshop handles cropping.  This new way of cropping is a kin to how Lightroom handles crops, in that once a cropping box is drawn, you now move the image to adjust the crop instead of moving the crop box.  I like this method - I find it much more intuitive.  

But, with any new code come unexpected issues and this new code has caused the Greeting Card Designer actions to behave a little differently.

First, the same actions that work with CS5 WILL work with CS6.  

As you know, one of the first steps in the actions that create the greeting cards is a crop.  When one of the Greeting Card Designer actions is run, it defines the appropriate dimensions for a card depending upon the target card stock.  

With CS5, the default cropping box is a relatively small box in the upper left corner of the image.  You then pull the crop box where you want it and then commit the crop.  Greeting Card Designer then completes the action, laying out the card with the appropriate margins etc.

Although the cropping dialog work in CS6, the default behavior is erratic.  Most times, the cropping box opens from edge to edge and the view is zoomed in to only a part of the image.  A simple click inside the crop box changes the view to a normal full image view.  

I've tried rewriting the actions with crops created with CS6 but that doesn't seem to fix the issues.  I think it's just new code and over time will get polished.  Until then, just know that this erratic behavior doesn't seen to adversely effect the way the GCD actions perform.