Book Mark Designer

This is a perfect gift or promotional item.  After all, who can't use a nice bookmark.  It will keep your photography in front of people day after day.  

Bookmark Designer is a simple Photoshop Action that creates an 8" x 10" sheet of bookmarks ready for lamination. 


Bookmark Designer is an action that was designed using Adobe Photoshop CS5.  Although it has not specifically been tested on other versions it should also work on CC as well.   Windows or Mac.

Recommended Paper

Because this product will be laminated, you don't need a particularly heavy paper. I simply love Red River Paper Ultra Pro Satin. It provides a beautiful image and holds the lamination very well. 


Please note, this set of actions is provided AS IS and WITHOUT SUPPORT! It is yours to enjoy. 

To install the action, you can simply double click the downloaded .atn file - in which case Photoshop should automatically load the actions into the actions panel. Or, you can go to the actions panel and click Load Action from the panel fly-out menu. 

Laminating Your Bookmarks

To laminate your bookmarks, take them to your local office supply - Office Max/Depot, Staples etc. Anywhere that has a copy/print center. They usually provide laminating services too. The easiest thing to do it to laminate the entire sheet of bookmarks and then use one of their big cutting boards to cut out the individual bookmarks. 

I like to ask them to use the heavier lamination stock, it makes for a very substantial and rigid bookmark.