Tent Card Designer

Tent cards are a perfect addition to any meeting.  Make sure everyone knows all the players in your next meeting.

Design attractive tent cards using your own images and Play With Your Pixel's Tent Card Designer actions for Adobe Photoshop.  This one download contains actions to produce single sided or mirrored tent cards.


Tent Card Designer is an action that works with Adobe Photoshop. Windows or Mac. It is a fairly simple action that should be version independent. 

The final tent card is laid out on an 8x10 piece of photo paper. I'd recommend using Red River Paper Polar Matte. It comes in a 60lb. version or a heavy weight 88lb Magna Heavy Card version. They both look beautiful. 


Please note, this set of actions is provided AS IS and WITHOUT SUPPORT! It is yours to enjoy. 

To install the action, you can simply double click the downloaded .atn file - in which case Photoshop should automatically load the actions into the actions panel. Or, you can go to the actions panel and click Load Action from the panel fly-out menu.