Printing Your Card

Printing Greeting Cards is certainly not difficult but it can be confusing the first couple of times. The reason is that when you print anything from Photoshop you actually use a separate program called a Printer Driver and driver interfaces are all different.  The example below is from an Epson R800 but you’ll find similar options on any driver.

  • Specify the type of paper.  See the red flyer that came with your paper for help.
  • Define the print quality.  See the red flyer that came with your paper for help.
  • Specify the paper size.  Many greeting cards are not standard sizes so you must enter the dimensions manually.  In the case of the Epson driver, click the drop down menu and select User Defined.  Enter the dimensions of the unfolded paper stock.  Use the shortest dimension for the width and the longer dimension for the height.
  • Specify the paper’s orientation.  (i.e. how the image canvas is oriented in Photoshop.)  Note that this is NOT the orientation of the image on the card.  For a card where the final folded image is in a portrait orientation, you would specify Landscape.
  • The Epson Driver allows you to save your settings so you may want to save your settings.  Use a name you’ll remember like “Red River 6.25x9 Card”.