Installing on Mac System

There are two options for installing Greeting Card Designer onto a Mac system using Adobe Photoshop.  Your download contains all the files necessary to run an automated install (recommended), or you can manually install your files.

When you purchase the Greeting Card Designer Version 5, you will receive an archive file (zip file) that contains the actions and signature file and an executable installer file.  Unzip these files and store them in a safe location.  I'd suggest you create a folder in your Documents or Desktop folder called "Greeting Card Designer", and place them there.  

Automated Install

The download package that you received after purchasing Greeting Card Designer includes an install file Greeting Card Designer V5.mpkg.  Simply double click this file and follow the on screen instructions.   

Manual Installation

Edit your Signature.psd file and copy it to the appropriate location.

  • If you would like to use a customized signature block on the back of your cards, you need to open the Signature.psd file and make any appropriate changes.
  • Using Finder, create a new folder in your Users\Shared folder on your Macintosh HD (main) drive, ...\Users\Shared\Greeting Card Designer. (Important, make sure the folder is exactly as shown here.
  • Copy your updated Signature.psd file into the ...\Users\Shared\Greeting Card Designer folder.

Load the Photoshop Actions

  • Open Photoshop CS5
  • Open the Actions panel
  • On the Actions panel fly out menu, click on Load Actions...
  • Navigate to the folder in which you downloaded your Greeting Card Designer files. Select Greeting Card Designer V5.atn and press Open.
  • Repeat this step for the Greeting Card Designer V5 Goodies.atn (optional)