Create 2-Page Spiral Bound Calendar

Style: 8.5 x 11, 2-page Spiral Bound
Templates Folder:  85x11 Templates Full Page

For this calendar style you'll print one page with your image and one page for the calendar.  An action if provided for you to lay out the image page but you can really design any layout you'd like.  

Step 1 - Create your image page.

  1. Open the image that you want to use
  2. With the image file open, run the action Create Image Part of 2-Page Calendar.
  3. The action will pause for you to crop your image.  Drag the cropping tool to crop your image - do not change the dimensions or resolution.  Select Continue.
  4. Your newly created calendar page will be named My Calendar Page.  You'll want to save this file using an appropriate name.

Step 2 - Create your calendar page.

  1. Open the appropriate full-page template for the month you want to use.  You'll find the templates in the folder 85x11 Templates-Full-Page.  
  2. You can print this template with no changes or…
  3. (Optional) Change the banner or background color
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