First Things First

I know you want to jump right in and get started but lets talk logistics first.

Calendar Designer is a Plugin

The Calendar Designer is a plugin that works with Photoshop. The actions will work in CS6 and CS5 - I have not tested it in earlier versions.  It is not a stand alone program. In the case of Photoshop Creative Suites, it comes as a set of actions and templates.  

To make the most of your Calendar Designer, you should be familiar with Photoshop and how to run actions.  You should also understand how layers work in Photoshop and how to edit text and image layers.  If you don't, this program is not for you.

Where can I buy photo paper for my calendar?
Some of the Calendar Designer layouts require a special photo paper - one that has the special coating on both sides of the paper. The best source for this is Red River Paper.  You can visit their site at…


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